In the age of technology, nothing brings together your memories like a well-choreographed video. In today’s fast pace world, you need a videographer that can “move the needle” when it comes to creativity and representing who you and your partner are as people, and more importantly as a couple. This comes from getting to know you and your spouse to be and create a template for success that will exceed your wildest dreams!

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Since we use the latest in high quality digital equipment, we can deliver a variety of different looks and feels for our clients. We offer a unique flare to each wedding experience. For each of our clients, we provide a cinematic 3-5-minute highlight film or 8-12-minute short film with behind the scenes sights and sounds of your special day depending on the package that you choose. Working with each of our clients, we take the journey with you and set our cinematic “mini-movies” to music. Our films are so unique, you’d think you are watching your special video in a movie theatre! Since each of our films are custom made, no two films are alike. We will choose the best moments from your wedding day and produce a cinematic story that’s uniquely yours. We will also take special moments such as the vows of the two newlyweds, toast, and also interview family and friends. At the end of this experience, you’ll be proud of the final result and have a keepsake to share with family and friends for years to come!

Music Videos